Officials who are involved in competitive swimming


Competitive swimming is won by the one who takes the least time to travel a specific distance.  Naturally, there is a lot at stake for the swimming participants, especially if it is a professional competition involving good amounts of money and rewards.  Therefore adjudication of winner has to be precise and strictly based on actual performance.  For such meticulous adjudication of results a number of officials are involved in the sport.

Referee: The referee has the overall authority and full control over all officials. He is the one who enforces the rules and decisions of FINA, and is the decision maker in all questions regarding the actual conduct of the event. He takes the overall responsibility for running the swimming event and takes the ultimate decisions regarding winning and losing.  He calls the swimmers to their blocks with his whistle. Swimmers come and stand next to their blocks. Sometimes the Starters call the missing swimmers, if any. Thereafter, the referee blows a long whistle which signals the swimmers to step on their blocks.  For backstroke events, this whistle signals swimmers to step in the water. Another long whistle signals the swimmers to grab the block handle (backstroke events only). At this juncture the referee hands over the control to the starter.

Starter: From the time the referee hands over the charge to the starter, the starter gets overall control of the swimmers till the finishing of the race. He sends the swimmers off their blocks, sometimes calls a false start if he observes that a swimmer has left the block before he has signaled.


Updating Yourself with the Latest Sporting Action

Living the life of a sportsperson is difficult because the pressure to perform in a consistent fashion would always be there. Every player reaches a specific point in career wherein the body stops supporting. Meanwhile, the number of injuries caused in a frequent manner too cripples sporting career to a certain extent. Sports fans will always look forward to the best action from their favorite star. If there are any problems in the process, then they get to miss all the action.

However, such a terrible situation could now be avoided because of the availability of several sources that will be helpful in updating yourself with the latest events. As far as watching live events are considered, then there is no substitute to television. Picture perfect quality could be obtained with the installation of LCD screens. The High Definition (HD) technology allows you to catch all the action live without ever visiting the venue.

Exclusive sports columns are maintained by dailies as well. In fact, there will be detailed reviews from those who are experts in one of the sports. Meanwhile, the Internet has emerged as the best source for providing comprehensive information about every sport along with historical details and players’ statistics. People who lead a busy life will be able to catch all the sporting action by concentrating on sports websites that are updated on a regular basis. In fact, they are run live so that you don’t have to miss action because of being busy with your professional life.



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